Immediate Dentures

  • Dentures that are inserted at the time teeth are extracted
  • Patient never goes without teeth
  • This denture is worn throughout the healing process
  • Serves as a spare set after permanent dentures are inserted

Immediate Dentures in Augusta, GAWe see a lot of patients at Augusta Dental Center that have been unable to afford dental treatment for many years and are at the point that the only solution is to extract the remaining teeth and place full dentures. We get calls every day asking “what’s the first step?”

The first step is an exam and consultation. First we make a full mouth panoramic x-ray to evaluate the teeth, bones and tissues of the mouth.

The dentist develops a treatment plan detailing what needs to be done. If there are multiple ways to do it, we’ll provide details on the alternatives as well. We will provide you with an itemized cost of the treatment and sit down and explain everything about the process, what your options are and exactly how much it will cost before any treatment begins.

We then make your initial impressions for fabricating your immediate temporary dentures (or partial dentures) that you will wear while your mouth is healing.

Your next visit, we will extract the diseased teeth and prepare the remaining ridge for the dentures. After suturing, we reline your immediate dentures with a soft lining material that is a cushion between your new dentures and the extraction sites.

We will then adjust and reline the temporary dentures as needed during the healing period (usually six months).

After healing is complete, the final dentures are made. At this stage the patient is able to see the actual denture setup in their mouth before processing. This allows the patient to view (and change) the appearance of the dentures so that they look just like he/she wants them to.

Surgical Treatment Denture Package

For those patients who require extraction of teeth with immediate replacement.
This package includes:

    • Immediate Dentures
    • All adjustments, denture relines and post operative care
    • Final dentures
    • All adjustments for final dentures

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Note: Some patients need more than 1-2 adjustments as they heal. They may also need more than one denture reline. THERE IS NEVER AN EXTRA CHARGE FOR THESE SERVICES WITH A SURGICAL TREATMENT PACKAGE.