Immediate Denture

Immediate Denture – Def. A Temporary denture that is placed at the time of extraction and worn during the healing process  – 4-6 months.

Are Your Teeth Beyond Saving? What Now?

We see many patients at Augusta Dental Center that for various reasons are at the point where their teeth are either beyond saving or too expensive to save.

If your teeth are beyond saving or it is financially unrealistic for you to do so, the only solution is to extract the remaining teeth and place full or partial dentures.

We get calls every day asking “what’s the first step?”

The transition from having your natural teeth to having dentures is a journey.

Examination and  Formulating a treatment plan(s)

Consultation  and  Conquering Financial Barriers

Initial impressions (for fabricating a temporary surgical)

Removal of teeth and placing the temporary dentures.

Post Operative care during healing.

Final Dentures

The fees for these services consist of the surgical (tooth removal) fee and the denture fee (Surgical Treatment Package).

For a detailed discussion of this journey watch this video as Dr. Scott explains the whole process. It will explain our Surgical Treatment Package and answer most of your questions so you’ll understand what to expect along your way.


Surgical Treatment Package

When it is necessary to extract all teeth and place dentures we offer a Surgical Treatment Package.

This package includes:

  • Immediate surgical Dentures
  • All adjustments during treatment
  • All denture relines
  • Final Dentures
  • Final Denture adjustments
  • Some patients need more than one or two adjustments as they heal. Some need multiple denture relines.
  • This is all included in the Surgical Treatment Package! No hidden costs! No additional fees!